Information drives business decisions and leads to better decision-making as it improves the understanding of the business environment. An important function of a WTC is to help stimulate world trade by providing pertinent, timely and reliable data to its members.

International Trade Library

The library offers a specialized information resource focusing on international trade. It comprises of an excellent collection of trade directories for India and abroad which is a very useful source of information in locating manufacturers, exporters, importers, agents, distributors and necessary contacts for businesses. The collection also includes important resources such as International Trade Statistics Yearbook of the United Nations, World Economic Outlook, Indian Trade Statistics, Data on Indian Economy, and many more to cater to the specific needs of trade and industry.

Market reports on different products by ITC and CBI are one of the key highlights of this library. Project reports prepared by the students of World Trade Institute (WTI) in the categories of Export Potential Studies, Market Potential Studies, Product Studies and Country Studies are a valuable source of information for entrepreneurs.

In a user-friendly environment, members of the WTC Mumbai, Businessmen and Students can easily access various sources of trade information through the large collection of trade directories, journals, magazines and related publications. The library also serves as a sourcing guide for International entrepreneurs to learn more about the country and its business environment.

Global Data Solutions

WTC Mumbai have access to the Global Data Solutions of Kompass Directory, providing business prospects in more than 60 countries. Digital directories of various countries are also available for searching the contacts.

WTCA Digital Platform

WTCA Digital Platform serves as a channel for Indian businesses to connect globally and prosper locally. The WTCA has a large network of about 323 World Trade Centers in over 90 countries under its umbrella which facilitates cross continental trade and investments. With the help of WTCA Digital Platform, members can seek investment opportunities submitted by members of other World Trade Centers and interested businesses around the globe.

Trade Point Services

The WTC Mumbai is a member of the World Trade Point Federation (WTPF). The World Trade Point Federation (WTPF) is an international non-governmental organization established in the year 2000, that grew out of an innovative program of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). Through a network of more than 100 trade information and facilitation centres, known as Trade Points, the WTPF assists Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs) in over 70 countries worldwide to trade internationally through the use of electronic commerce technologies. Capitalizing on over a decade of Trade Point market presence, the Federation constantly seeks strategic partners for the development of new value-added services to enable it to better serve its clients.

It provides the following value added services:

Company Listing in the Global Trade Directory System

Posting trade offers and receive trade offers through “Electronic Trade Opportunity”