Trade Mission and B2B Meetings

As a resource platform to integrate global resources and offer reciprocal business information, WTC Mumbai offers an integrated package of services to facilitate incoming and outgoing trade missions and encourage Business matchmaking meetings. These services include travel arrangements, discounted hotel accommodation, Pre-scheduled meetings (B2B), translators, short term leased offices and any other related facilities. WTCA also undertakes Trade Mission programs for Indian businessmen in association with the overseas World Trade Centers.

Business Development Desk
Giving advice regarding starting of import/export business.
Advice to the business community regarding authorities to be approached for solving any import / export problems.
Issuing Visa recommendation letters
To intervene with concerned governmental authorities on behalf of importers/exporters to sort out problems/disputes.

Certificate of Origin

The WTC Mumbai has been authorized by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India, to issue the CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN (non-preferential), which is an significant document for the exporters. WTC Mumbai issues this Certificate across the table, thus enabling the clients to save their precious time..

Procedural Guidelines

Following are the guidelines for the issue of Certificate of Origin:

1. PERMANENT REGISTRATION: Exporters are advised to obtain WTC Code Number by submitting INDEMNITY BOND on Rs.100/- Stamp Paper

2. SINGLE SHIPMENT REGISTRATION: If it is only for a Single Shipment, the INDEMNITY BOND should be submitted on Rs.20/- Stamp Paper

3. For availing Certificate of Origin, the accompanying Invoice should be duly filled in the with the following details:

a. Invoice Number & Date.

b. Exporters Name & Address with Telephone & Fax No.

c. Consignees Name & Address with Telephone & Fax No.

d. Country of Origin – Goods are of INDIAN ORIGIN.

e. Mode of Shipment – If by Sea then Name of the Vessel & if by Air then Flight No.

f. Port of Loading and Port of Discharge (Final Destination)

g. Description of Goods, Quantity, Gross Weight, Net Weight, Shipping Marks/ Container No. etc.

One copy of Invoice, Bill of Lading (in case Shipment by Sea) if available, should be submitted for our record.

Please mention your WTC Code No. on the Certificate of Origin’s column.

(Payment only in CASH)

Description WTC Members/ Associate Members/ Others
(All Indemnity Bond holders)
Centre’s Certificate of Origin ( 7+1Copy for WTC record) Rs. 50.00
Endorsement on Exporter’s Invoice/Packing List (5 Copies) Rs. 50.00
Additional Copies (Per set of upto 5 copies of Invoices or Certificate of Origin etc) Rs. 50.00
Blank Forms per pad (25 Nos.) Rs. 200.00

Monday to Saturday : 10.00am – 1.00pm & 1.30 pm – 4.30 p.m.

The following Clause/s should be typed on the invoice if the goods are meant for export to :
For GULF COUNTRIES: (Like Abu Dhabi, Aden, Bahrain, Basra, Dammam and Doha, Dubai, Hodeida, Jeddah, Kuwait, Muscat, Tripoli (Libya), Ummsaid, Oman)

In Invoice & Certificate of Origin:
“It is further declared that above Goods are not of Israeli Origin/ Manufacture nor do they contain any Israeli materials”

In Invoice & Certificate of Origin:
“Goods were produced entirely in India”
For Lebanon:

In Invoice & Certificate of Origin:

“We declare that this Invoice is Original and Authentic. It is the only one issued by us for the goods described herein and that the value in this invoice is the correct value of this Consignment without deduction of any discount or payment in advance. Furthermore the origin of the goods is exclusively Indian and has been manufactured in our own factory and it is further declared that above goods are not of Israeli origin/ manufacturer nor do they contain any Israeli materials”.
In Certificate of Origin:
‘I, the undersigned, (_____________________________________) of the WTC, do hereby certify that the goods specified herein and in the accompanying Invoice No._________________ dated __________________ are of Indian manufacture and origin. Further, they do not contain any material or ingredients from Israel. They are not of Israeli Origin, are not manufactured by it and they are not exported from it either”.

Should mention in Invoice and in Certificate of Origin as under:

Invoice Number and Invoice Date
Letter of Credit Number
Container Number