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WTC Mumbai is taking several measures to equip trade and business communities for COVID-19. In view of the recent control measures on COVID-19 imposed by the Government of India as well as the State of Maharashtra, World Trade Center Mumbai has taken several proactive measures to ensure the well being and personal health of WTC Mumbai staff as well as the occupants of the WTC Complex for the continuation of business activities to the safest extent possible on the guidelines issued by competent authorities.

Some of the measures taken by WTC Mumbai are listed below:

  • Help desk in the lobby of the Center 1 building

  • Every occupant was provided with Dos and Dont’s

  • Posters detailing precautions on every floor for awareness

  • Provided sanitizers at the entry point of all the areas including the lift areas

  • Masks and gloves were provided to all the staff members including security/ housekeeping

  • Weekly report on Covid19 undertaken

  • Sanitization and deep cleaning of lifts and passage areas every 2 hours

  • Pop up clinic facility provided at Lobby level of the Center 1 building on a daily basis. Free consultation with the doctor was provided.

  • Over 100 employees and occupants working in the premises of the WTC complex visited the doctor on a daily basis

  • Special training including consultation by expert doctor for staff members including housekeeping and security was organized on alternate days as these staff members were exposed to open public areas

  • Temperature checking through electronic instant thermometer at every Gate of the WTC Complex

  • Courier and food delivery services were stopped from entering the premises and the occupants were asked to collect the mail/ food from the lobby.

WTC Trade Facilitation Activities

  • From March 17th onwards, various departments such as Trade Promotion, Trade Education, Research, Center Point (Business Center), Expo Center, Legal, Accounts were facilitated to ‘work from home’. This facility was further extended till the ‘lock down period’ declared by the Government of India.
  • Essential services such as Maintenance, Fire & Safety Departments, Housekeeping, Engineering, Electrical, Security, continue to function since there are establishments including Banks and Governments offices that falls under essential services are partially operating in the complex.
  • The restaurant operating in the WTC complex is catering to special home delivery meals for senior citizens in the vicinity as well as for the staff.
  • Essential service staff is stationed on site during the entire lockdown period to avoid unintentional exposure to virus or other infections.

Trade Events and Resources

    As the result of the lockdown, WTC Mumbai physical trade services are now closed till April 15, 2020. However, the following services are now virtually available through digital means.

    Daily News Letter

    Research Studies

  • Press Releases
  • Representation to Government of India

Other Programmes

Quarterly newsletter - OnTrade will be sent to all in digital format shortly.

Virtual programmes and webinars on entrepreneurship, exports and topical issues will be announced shortly

Virtual exhibitions are also considered as part of trade services

WTC Trade Services

As the result of the lockdown, WTC Mumbai physical trade services are now closed till May 3, 2020. However, the following services are now virtually available through digital means.

Additional Resources

Your Protection

We are actively monitoring the situation and will provide regular updates as they occur. We request you all to stay safe and indoors. Please feel free to write to us regarding any of your trade enquiries at marketing@wtcmumbai.org.