H.E. Abdulla Husein Salman Mohamed Almarzooqi, Consul General of UAE in Mumbai invited Indian businesses, government civil society and individuals for the28th Conference of the Parties (COP28) on climate change, which is scheduled from November 30th to December 12th, 2023 in Dubai.

“The COP28 UAE Presidency believes that governments and the private sector must work closely together in order to address climate change. Through the Green Zone, the COP28 UAE Presidency offers the private sector the opportunity to showcase their contributions and solutions to the global climate challenge. Their innovative approaches, climate action technologies and entrepreneurship will constitute an important part of COP28. The Green Zone will also host technical conferences, panels, and activations with a focus on existing and future solutions to climate change mitigation,” H.E. Almarzooqi remarked at the official sideline event of COP28, which is part of the initiative of the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR). The event was jointly organized by the UAE Consulate General in Mumbai, WTC Mumbai, All India Association of Industries and the Indian Chamber of International Business (ICIB).

H.E. Almarzooqi further remarked, “COP28 UAE is a milestone opportunity for the world to come together, course correct, and drive progress. As the first country in the region to ratify the Paris Agreement, the first to commit to an economy-wide reduction in emissions, and the first to announce a Net Zero by 2050strategy, the UAE is committed to raising ambition in this critical decade for climate action. COP28 will emphasize a ‘leave no one behind’ approach to climate action. Underscoring all efforts are the principles of transformation, solidarity, pragmatism, and inclusivity.”

The consul general concluded his address by saying, “I commend the efforts of every delegate participating in COP28, as well as the countless individuals and organizations working tirelessly to combat climate change worldwide. Together, we have the power to shape the destiny of our planet. Let us embrace this responsibility with courage, determination, and solidarity. Let us turn the tide on climate change, usher in an era of sustainability, and leave a legacy that future generations will be proud of.”

Speaking on this occasion, Dr. Vijay Kalantri, Chairman, World Trade Center Mumbai and President, All India Association of Industries remarked, “Climate change is the greatest challenge of humanity in the 21st century and every citizen should participate in combating this challenge. Developing smart cities is a solution to combat climate change. Rulers of ancient India have set illustrious examples of how to build environment friendly drainage and sewerage systems. Our municipal authorities need to adopt these sustainable practices and also take strict action against unauthorized construction.Local authorities may consider the environmental impact of construction projects before giving approval. Government may also provide land and tax incentives for converting urban waste into power, fertilizer and other useful products.”

Dr. Kalantri suggested industries to use recycled materials as inputs in their manufacturing process to reduce wastage and conserve raw materials. There are proven methods to produce fibre and yarn from used clothes.

Dr. Kalantri pointed out that advanced countries such as USAmay implement capacity building projects in low income countries to facilitate their transition to sustainable development.

Dr. Kalantri mentioned that WTC Mumbai can collaborate with the UAE Consulate in Mumbai to conduct roadshow to promote the COP28 Summit that will be held in Dubai later this year.

During the event, Prof Seema Unnikrishnan, National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai welcomed Government of India’s move to introduce a carbon credit market, which will be administered by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. She remarked, “I am confident that the new carbon market will add to the momentum gained from the already existing PAT scheme (Perform Achieve and Trade scheme) and incentivize obligated entities to reduce their carbon footprint.”

In his welcome address, Mr. Manpreet Singh, President, ICIB pointed out, “This is the new beginning as we are here to prepare roadmap for collaboration to build a better planet. Global warming and natural disasters are costing lives, livelihood and loss to world GDP in enormous proportion. COP28 will shape dialogue on the role of business and civil society in addressing the greatest challenge of humanity, which is climate change.”

During the event, Mr Chintan Oza, Regional Director – India, Founder Institute, Mr. Sandeep Goswami, Climate Science and Policy Professional and Mrs. DhanashreeHardas, Chairperson - Environment committee, MACCIA raised awareness about the urgency of combating climate change with the support of business and civil society.

The event was attended by members of trade & industry, academia and civil society.