Every year June 21 is observed as International Yoga Day to create awareness about the significance of India’s age-old yoga system and its benefits to maintain physical, mental and spiritual well being. MVIRDC WTC Mumbai celebrated this year’s International Yoga Day by organizing an one-hour yoga training session in association with Mumbai’s renowned yoga center Kaivalyadhama.

During the event, the trainers from Kaivalyadhama conducted practical session on performing various yogic postures to maintain our spinal cord in healthy condition. Some of the yogic postures taught during the session were: Thadasan, Vrikshasan, Chakrasan, Hastottanasana, brahma mudra and others. The trainers also made practical demonstration of Simhasana to reduce stress and increase blood circulation.

In the second part of the session, the trainers explained how to perform various forms of breathing exercises or pranayamas to maintain optimum level of inhalation and exhalation for healthy living. The trainers ended the session by giving a powerpoint presentation on the benefits of yoga, the various forms of yoga, astanga yoga, what constitutes a healthy diet and how to lead a stress-free life by practicing simple yoga postures and breathing exercises regularly. The event was attended by the staffs of MVIRDC WTC Mumbai.