State run BHEL to procure 300 products worth Rs 3,000 crore annually from MSMEs

Mumbai, April 16: State-run Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited has identified 300 products for exclusive procurement from micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) worth around Rs 3,000 crore on an average annually, said Anil Joshi, Executive Director, of the company, Friday..

“Going by the government’s thrust areas, we see lot of market potential for local manufacturing in fields such as e-mobility, railway electrification, renewables and in energy conservation, for which we will need products such as inverters, transformers, power conditioning units, solar modules, LEDs, batteries, battery chargers, IP based public address system, FRP cable trays etc,” he said.

Joshi was speaking at a webinar on ‘Reigniting Manufacturing Growth through MSME Development - Electrical and Electronic sector’ organised by MVIRDC World Trade Center, Mumbai and All India Association of Industries.

BHEL has launched SANRACHNA online technology platform to collaboratively support domestic industry in technology innovation and problem solving with its infrastructure and resources to meet national targets, Joshi said.

Participating in the webinar, G. S. Madhusudan, CEO and Co-Founder, InCore Semiconductors said, “Indian government should identify 15 items such as remote controls, LED fixtures, raspberry computer parts, power adaptor strips, WiFi modules, power supply components of personal computers etc for MSME cluster and make them globally competitive. The government led R&D institutions should develop designs and license them to MSMEs for mass production with strict targets for production and exports.”

In his initial remarks, Vijay Kalantri, chairman of MVIRDC World Trade Center, Mumbai said that India exports USD 8.5 billion of electrical machinery which is just 2% of the global trade in this segment, though it has overall grown at a CAGR of 32% since 2015-16.

India’s size of electrical machinery industry is around USD 50 billion which is far low compared to the USD 200 billion target set under the Mission Plan of 2012-22 for this industry.

“We welcome competition from foreign companies, but it should not be at the cost of local companies,” Kalantri said demanding support for local MSMEs with credit at affordable interest rate and infrastructure facilities.

About MVIRDC World Trade Center, Mumbai: Established in 1970, MVIRDC World Trade Center facilitates exchange of trade missions with foreign countries, hosts exhibitions of Indian as well as foreign products to boost India’s presence in international trade as well as organises interactive meetings with top officials of consulates.