WTC Mumbai organised the second series of ‘Global Market Access Programme’, a unique programme which aims at enabling exporters to expand and consolidate their presence in specific global markets, on LAC market on 11th October, 2019. Mr. Virendra Gupte, advisor at TATA International Ltd. was the mail speaker and started sharing his experience in the products exported by Tata Groups in LAC markets. Mr. Gupte talked about International Market in brief and highlighted various points like: Challenges in International marketing, Buyer identification, International Marketing entry strategies, Identifying & Mitigating risks in exports, regulations in international trade, opportunities under Latin America trade and many others. One of the major points he discussed was that the business is aligned at a local level with these parameters is destined to succeed. Different methods of entering a foreign market were discussed with preference given to joint ventures, WOS, partnerships with LAC clients. Knowledge, Innovation and Reputation are the key areas that one should focus on for easy entry in the markets.

Mr. Gupte gave huge emphasis to VUCA world, PESTLE and Risk Analysis. Before entering any market a brief study must be done on the resources and opportunities available in that market and from there one can grasp and grow the business. Prevention is better than cure therefore there should be a thorough study of the documents. We should build trust from the day our entry in the particular market. There’s only one boss in the business that is our ‘Customer ‘and every organisation must be customer centric. There should be interpersonal relations with clients and suppliers alike as it improves the business experience in matters of payment and retention of customer. Mr Gupte gave a summary on the emerging sectors in LAC region and top import export products of LAC with India.

A case study of Argentina which is the 4th largest trade partner of India in LAC markets was presented by Ms. Cecilia M. Risolo, Deputy Consul General of Argentina in Mumbai. Argentina being the 2nd largest shale gas producer and 4th largest shale oil resource in the world she elaborated on the various opportunities in to enter into Argentina’s Energy revolution. Argentina is one of the 3 countries in lithium triangle. It has 750,000 Km2 of high potential mining areas hence, there are main opportunities in gold, copper and silver commodities. She highlighted the 60 markets that are opened or re-opened for 230 products. She also elaborated on the various investment programs and said that there is more than $300 billion of investment opportunities across all the sectors. She gave a detailed information on IT sector by mentioning the strong incentives given to train technology and specific incentives for software development

During the Q & A session the queries of the participants were answered effectively by Mr. Gupte thus making the event fruitful and beneficial for all attendees.