World Trade Center Mumbai and BRISC-CARR Group Inc signed an MoU on 13th August 2014 to help build employable skills among the underprivileged youth in India through online employable skills building provided by the BRISC-CARR Group Inc Canada. A similar MoU was signed with All India Association of Industries and BRISC-CARR Group Inc. The BRISC-CARR Group Inc. works towards building employable skills in the unemployed and under employed. The Group looks forward to joining hands with MVIRDC World Trade Center and All India Association of Industries in reaching its goals. The Group targets empowering around 5000 under privileged youth with employable skills for the year. The has agreed to take a desk space at the forthcoming Global Economic Summit 2014 on Asia: Powering Global Markets for reaching out to the needy.

Ms. Queenie Nair, Director, All India Association of Industries, Mr. G. Mark Scullion, Consul and Senior Trade Commissioner - Western India, Consulate General of Canada, Ms. Rupa Naik, Executive Director, All India association of Industries and Director - Projects, MVIRDC World Trade Center, Mr. Vijay Shankar Chandrashekhar, BRISC-CARR Group Inc, Mr. Y.R.Warerkar, Executive Director, MVIRDC World Trade Center and Ms. Khyati Naravane, Assistant Director, MVIRDC World Trade Center during an interactive meeting with BRISC-CARR Group Inc.