WTC Mumbai invites WTCA to establish Asia Pacific headquarter in India

“India is the fastest growing economy in the world and the construction sector is growing in double digit. I expect the real estate market in the country to grow for the next 20-30 years. The number of World Trade Centers (WTCs) in India has crossed 40 and it is the only country after USA to have as manyWTCs. This is a milestone moment and it marks the beginning of a new era for development of the WTC brand in India. I announce the vision of World Trade Centers Association (WTCA),New York to promote the WTC brand in India and the Asia Pacific. As part of this vision, WTCA will play a key role in India’s infrastructure & smart city development, growth of small and medium enterprises and trade promotion,”said Mr. Scott Wang, Regional Director- Asia Pacific, World Trade Centers Association in his vision for World Trade Centers in India, at an interactive meeting held at WTC Mumbai.

Mr. Wang visited WTC Mumbai to announce the re-election of Dr. Vijay Kalantri, Chairman of WTC Mumbai to the board of WTCA, which is the global network of more than 300 WTCs across 90 countries connecting more than 1 million businesses around the world.

Mr. Wang informed that WTCA has partnered with World Trade Organisation for the development of small and medium enterprises and it will work with WTC Mumbai as well for the development of MSMEs in the country.

Sharing his outlook for the real estate sector in India, Mr. Wang informed, “Global brands such as Apple, Foxconn are bringing their supply chain partners to India, which will increase demand for commercial office space in the country. Also, India is witnessing tremendous growth in smart cities, transportation and digital infrastructure. WTCA will play a major role in the development of infrastructure by leveraging its excellence in trade infrastructure facilities and services.

Mr. Wang informed that WTCA will promote trade and investment in India by organising Investment Forum, Global Business Forum and other business networking events.

Mr. Wang expressed optimism about economic growth prospect of India as the country became the center of global investment following its G20 Presidency, successful launch of lunar mission and infrastructure development.

Earlier in his welcome remarks, Dr. Vijay Kalantri, Chairman, MVIRDC WTC Mumbai invited WTCA to establish regional headquarter in India, which has witnessed rapid growth in the WTC brand in recent years. He pointed out, “WTC Mumbai is the first WTC established in India in 1970 and in recent years we have taken several efforts to promote the ‘WTC’ brand in the country. So, the number of WTCs in India has crossed 40 today from 20 five years ago. Specifically, Maharashtra has the maximum number of five WTCs among all states in India and hence WTCA may establish its Asia Pacific headquarter in Mumbai.”

Dr. Kalantri informed that WTC Mumbai will organise members seminar and regional meetings to promote collaboration among WTCs in the Asia Pacific to facilitate trade and investment in this region. “Not only has the WTCs grown in number & size in India, but it is also playing a major role in facilitating foreign trade, investment and tourism,” he remarked.

In her remarks, Ms. Rupa Naik, Executive Director, World Trade Center Mumbai suggested that the WTCA can leverage its global network across 90 countries to connect Indian businesses to potential supply chain partners in these countries. Ms. Naik remarked, “The WTCA can create a portal with this information and act as an enabler of trade and business.”

Ms. Naik also suggested regular visit of WTCA officials to India to interact with local industry and government officials for exchange of ideas to promote trade and investment.

The meeting was attended by representatives from WTC Goa, Jaipur, WTC Pune and other WTCs across India.

Mr. Scott Wang, Vice President, Asia Pacific, WTCA, New York (3rd from left) being felicitated by Dr. Vijay Kalantri, Chairman, WTC Mumbai at an interactive meeting at WTC Mumbai. Also seen in the photograph are Mr. Ajoykaant Ruia, Vice Chairman, WTC Mumbai (1st from left) and Mr. Sharad P. Upasani, Vice Chairman of WTC Mumbai (4th from left).