“WTCA Day is a momentous occasion to celebrate the spirit of solidarity among the global network of World Trade Centers, which is by far the largest network connecting more than one million businesses across 90 countries. On this day, WTC Mumbai reaffirms its commitment to promote world peace and stability through trade," said Dr. Vijay Kalantri, Chairman of WTC Mumbai.

Dr. Kalantri recalled the legendary contribution of Mr. Guy Tuzzoli, whose visionary ideas on world trade are all the more important in today's global geoeconomic environment.

The World Trade Center Associations (WTCA) is a global network of World Trade Centers (WTCs) that aims to promote international trade and investment. It serves as a platform for businesses, organizations, and individuals to connect, collaborate, and access resources for expanding their global reach. Through its global network, the WTCA plays a significant role in promoting international trade, fostering economic cooperation and supporting the growth of businesses around the world.

WTCA Day is observed every year to celebrate the spirit of solidarity among all the WTCs in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attack on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City. World Trade Centers Association is the shining symbol of the society's progress based on international cooperation and trade. It has been recognized for its commitment to promote world trade and peace by declaring 12th June as the WTCA Day.

To help educate the world's business and general public about the important mission of the WTCA and World Trade Centers, the first annual "World Trade Centers Association Day" was celebrated on June 12, 2002. Since then, this day has been observed by all 320 WTCs that connect over one million businesses across more than 90 countries.