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About WTC Mumbai

India’s first World Trade Center serving the cause of international trade worldwide

Welcome to World Trade Center Mumbai

  India's first World Trade Center and the most preferred international trade promoting organization

  Part of WTCA - the largest global trade network supporting worldwide trade promotion

  Providing a platform for diversified trade services and infrastructure facilities

  An ideal platform to connect businesses worldwide

MVIRDC World Trade Center Mumbai is the realization of the vision of India's statesman Bharat Ratna Sir (Dr.) M. Visvesvaraya, who dreamt of an international trade promotion and industrial research centre in the commercial capital of India. With a legacy of more than five decades in advancing his vision, WTC Mumbai continues its pursuit of excellence in trade infrastructure and support services through four pillars of trade research, trade promotion, trade education and trade infrastructure management. The Center supports MSMEs, women entrepreneurs and start-up enterprises to make global strategic alliances, find new partners and markets through its unparalleled global network of WTCs and trade partners across more than 90 countries.

WTC Mumbai organises over 60 trade programmes annually, including several interactive meetings for inbound trade delegations facilitated by Ambassadors and other officials of diplomatic missions from various countries. WTC Mumbai has built strong bridges of communication with diplomatic missions, business leaders, bankers, academicians, key government agencies and policy makers. WTC Mumbai works closely with more than 200 MoU partners globally along with multilateral institutions such as ITC, UNCTAD and WTO for sharing of best industry practices, exchange of policy dialogue and trade intelligence for the benefit of local industry and government agencies.

With the completion of five decades of service in 2020, WTC Mumbai reimagines its role as a facilitator of sustainable development goals through curated trade programmes, education and research initiatives on inclusive development, women empowerment, skill development and green energy.

WTC Mumbai Beliefs

  To become a dynamic trade support institution to support exports from MSMEs, women entrepreneurs and start-ups

  Help micro and small enterprises to navigate the complexity of global trading system

  To help re-align country's trade support ecosystem in the age of supply chain modifications, rapid technological changes and trade alterations


To promote responsible trade and investment by mainstreaming sustainable development goals in business strategies.


Prosperity through responsible Trade and Investment


To be a dynamic trade support institution responding to the evolving needs of the 21st Century trading system